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From left to right: Edgar Aguirre, Jack Thompson, David Demone and Michael Burchell
Not Shown: Trevor Ohlson and Paul Schorn

Foreword by the President:

 “The Sugar Industry Technologist Inc. organization was established in 1941 to serve the professional improvement of its members by:

  • providing a forum for the exchange of scientific information and other technical aspects of sugar refining
  • encouraging original research in sugar technology
  • promoting a broader acquaintance among its members
  • cooperating with other technical and scientific societies.”

This is indeed a very accurate and succinct description of the aims and objectives of our Society, and there can be no doubt that these goals are well achieved. Our Annual Technical Meeting is very successful, boasting delegate attendance from around the globe, not just from member refining associations but also from various research organizations.

An important role filled by the Society is the establishment of relationships between managers, scientists and engineers from the various member associations, resulting in an excellent flow of information and expertise between the various people and organizations. This is especially apparent at the annual Meetings.

It had recently become clear though that the requirement existed for an upgrade of the S.I.T. website to allow for a more easy access to information on events and Meetings, as well as allowing for better access to past S.I.T. Technical Papers.

A small sub-committee was formed to investigate this possibility, and this Website is the result of their work.

Many thanks to Frank van Noord, Trevor Ohlson and Ahmed Vawda for making this happen, Thanks also to Mike Inkson from S.K.I.L for previously hosting the S.I,T. page for many years on their Sucrose.com site, as well as Martina from KukelstaartDesign for developing our new site.

Enjoy the site best regards,

Paul Schörn – President 2017-18

S.I.T. – Sugar Industry Technologists


Our purpose:

Our purpose is to improve the operations of the sugar refining industry by presenting, discussing and sharing scientific information pertaining to the management and technical aspects of sugar refining and encouraging original research in this field.

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Our history:

Sugar Industry Technologists was founded in the United States in 1941 by several North American sugar refineries. It has since grown to an international association with a membership of about fifty corporate sugar refining companies, and about fifty corporate allied companies with over five hundred individual members from around the world.

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