George and Eleanore Meade Award

Jack Thompson presenting the George and Eleanore Meade Award
To Craig Parker, also accepting for Chris Mayhew, Carlton Haynes, Robert Howe, and Chris Rhoten


MEADE AWARD: Dr. and Mrs. George P. Meade have made a gift to S.I.T. of royalties received by Dr. Meade on the sale of the ‘Cane Sugar Handbook’ co-authored by him. The gift has been assigned without any restrictions and Dr. and Mrs. Meade have made it clear that S.I.T. is free to consider the use of the funds for any legitimate purpose voted by the Board of Directors consistent with existing conditions and accumulated funds.

By action of the Executive Committee of S.I.T. and with the consent and approval of Dr. and Mrs. Meade, the award is to be known as the George and Eleanore Meade Award, and is to be given for the best paper presented at each Technical Meeting of S.I.T. It will consist of a cash honorarium in the amount of $200 per author, the total not to exceed $600, and the presentation of the George and Eleanore Meade Award Plaque, suitably inscribed with the names of the recipient.

The selection of the Award Winner will be made by a Meade Award Committee, taking into consideration the substance of the paper, the manner of presentation, and the audience response. However, the Committee will not be governed exclusively by these factors.

The Award Plaque is to be presented to the Award Winner(s) by the Chairman of the Meade Award Committee at the Technical Meeting Awards Banquet.

Paper No. 1153 – Development of a Linear Pan Growth Approach By Chris Mayhew, Carlton Haynes, Robert Howe, Craig Parker and Chris Rhoten, British Sugar and ESCON America Inc.

Frank Chapman Memorial Award

Jack Thompson presenting the plaque to Dr. Marsha R. Cole also accepting for Dr. Gillian Eggleston and Deriesha Gaines


FRANK CHAPMAN MEMORIAL AWARD: S.I.T. may present at each Technical Meeting of S.I.T. an award for the best poster presentation to be known as the Frank Chapman Memorial Award.

The selection of the award winner will be made by the Meade Award Committee taking into account the interest and value for the sugar industry, the quality and the global eye catching aspect of the poster.

The winner or winners, will be presented with a suitable plaque by S.I.T. 2nd Vice-President on the occasion of the next technical meeting.


Poster No. 1174   – Development of a Factory/Refinery Method to Measure Total, Soluble, and Insoluble Starch in Sugar Products. By Dr. Marsha R. Cole, Dr. Gillian Eggleston, and Deriesha Gaines, USDA-ARS-SRRC New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Crystal Award

Michael Burchell presents the Crystal Award to David P. Demone


HONORARY AWARD (CRYSTAL AWARD): An honorary award (which will be known henceforth as the S.I.T. Crystal Award for Achievement in Sugar Technology or the ‘Crystal Award’ (in shortened form) may be made annually to one or two outstanding individuals, members or not, who have contributed notably to the technological advancement of the Sugar Refining Industry, The award(s) shall be presented by the President at the Technical Meeting Awards Banquet.

Written nominations for the Award may be submitted to the Chairman of the Crystal Award Committee.

Selection of the Award Winner or Winners shall be made by the Crystal Awards Committee who shall be guided but not bound by the nominations received and such selection (s) shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for its approval not later than the second regular meeting of the Executive Committee.

For more information on the Crystal award winner of 2018 mr David P. Demone click here.

Joe Harrison Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Leon A. Anhaiser, Sugar Industry Technologists, Inc., Allan Maravilla, Victorias Milling Company, Philippines, and Jason Eiermann, Nicholls State University


JOE HARRISON, SR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: S.I.T. may, in support of its desire to foster the spread of sugar technology in developing nations, annually award a scholarship to be known as the Joe Harrison, Sr. Memorial Scholarship. Eligibility for the scholarship will be limited to students from cane sugar refineries located in developing nations, as listed by the World Bank, attending the Cane Sugar Refiners’ institute course at Nichols State University.

The scholarship will be awarded based upon the eligible student with the highest academic class standing as determined by thee Director of the Cane Sugar Refiners’ Institute.

The scholarship will be for the amount of tuition to attend the Cane Sugar Refiners’ Institute two week course and may be awarded to the winning students sponsoring company to be used to assist another student to attend the Cane Sugar Refiners’ Institute the next or a future year.

The winning student will be named at the Awards Banquet held upon the conclusion of the two week course.


Awarded to Mr. Allan Maravilla, Victorias Milling Company, Philippines, for achieving the highest score at the Cane Sugar Refiner’s Institute at Nicholls State University in 2017